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Welcome family, friends, cyber-sailors, and anyone else who has stumbled onto this page. Redwings is a Formosa 46 recently sailed from Hong Kong to Camden, Maine and perhaps someday onwards. We left Hong Kong in November 1997 and headed slowly West arriving in Camden on July 3rd 2001. Click to the Ship's Log to share the adventure!
Redwings Completes Atlantic Crossing in 18 days, 21 Minutes

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What's New:  We made it!  We arrived in Camden on the 3rd of July and are now looking for cars, jobs, and a house - more or less in that order.  Life is about to change big time.  We arrived in New England about a three weeks ago stopping first in Block Island, Rhode Island after spending about a week in  Long Island Sound.  Prior to that, we were in Chesapeake Bay, which we entered after a relaxing trip up the Intracoastal Waterway  following our US landfall in Savannah, Georgia.  Before arriving back in the good ole USA, we spent four months cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean.  We are on track to arrive in Camden, Maine by June 30th.

The kittens meet Socks, Former First Cat!  See updated pics relating to our travels through the Exuma Chain in the Bahamas.

Redwings is now for charter to qualified bareboat skippers!

Land Lubbers.  We've been on land now for six months.  Bought a house, cars, and Aaron has a part-time job teaching Spanish to 8th graders. We are loving it.  Boat is nestled under shrink wrap and snow in Rockland awaiting Spring.  The big news?  Colleen gave birth to our new crew Ian Duggan Henderson (Duggan as a middle name) on 31 December!!!!  Ian was conceived in the aft cabin of Redwings in Puerto Rico, so he's already logged over 1,000 sea miles.  Click the Land Lubber Link for some pics of our new domestic life!

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