Almost ready but Sandy in our way…..

Big strides forward! On Wednesday the SSB installation team checked out the new rig and raised Alabama 5×5 after re-doing on of the coax connections. Colleen forwent her weekly trip to Boston to help get us ready and did a fantastic job at keeping me on task in the boat shed to get what we needed out and clean it up a bit. We then moved another truckload of stuff to the boat like kids clothes, books, and even Christmas presents, and packed it all away in various recesses of the boat. Jaime and Peter boldly set off to do the dry provisioning for both legs of the trip and arrived back after a couple of hours well laden and then took charged and stowed everything “according to plan” I’m told… By the end of the day, we were virtually ready!

Thursday brought another day of beautiful weather with light winds, sun, and temperatures in the low 50s. Phil made great progress on installing the watermaker with the Chinese fire drill of yesterday’s loading over. We will be ready to leave tomorrow as planned… But it appears Hurricane Sandy will hold us up further!

Cat 2 Sandy is now over Cuba and expected to come right up the East Coast over the weekend making landfall around Connecticut – right where we planned to hole up to ride it out if we were able to leave by this weekend! So it now seems like we will just have to take a bit of a shakedown cruise up here in Maine and wait to see what the storm does. Based on current predictions, I assume we we be riding it out in a hurricane hole here like Seal Bay in Vinalhaven. Staying on a mooring in Camden or Rockland will be much more exposed. One way or the other we need to get on the boat this weekend and get out of here!

The proposed track could not be any worse….. If it was hitting in Maine I’d go South now…. but it’s heading right where we are going!

Jaime and Peter storing dry goods after provisioning…. Colleen packing clothes away in the background.

6 thoughts on “Almost ready but Sandy in our way…..

  1. Kim Taliaodouros / Mark Tocco

    Wishing you all the great wind and safe harbor as Sandy passes over us. Once this storm leaves I’ll be thinking of you as well as our beloved Appledore crew as they take their own voyage to Key West. thank yo ufor passing this blog on to me, Mark and I will be watching your journey this winter! Travel safe and enjoy your wonderful family adventure!

  2. Didi Manns

    Seal Cove on Vinyl Haven seems like the best bet! Camden is no fun in hurricane conditions–saw it all in 1954 with Hurricane Carol.
    Your trip sounds wonderful……but I think Sandy has plans to keep you in Maine for a few days. Be safe! didi

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