The Voyage Begins

For whatever reason, I’m substantially less motivated to blog than I was before and during our 1997-2001 Hong Kong to Maine voyage. I could say I have been too busy as the preparation for and initial execution of this phase of the voyage has been incredibly hectic, but the same can be said for the 97 voyage. In fact, the parallels are amazingly similar; endless boatyard delays and workers not believing we are actually leaving, weather challenges, and everything just taking longer and costing more than expected.

In any case, today is actually November 15th as I write this and Redwings has been on the move since Sunday October 28th. We are currently about 450 miles out from the British Virgin Islands and after days of challenging preparations and weather, we have experienced calms for the past 24 hours and put the boat back together and caught up on rest and I finally feel ready to do some writing, although I am not sure I have the time (or am willing to commit the time) to do the trip thus far justice.

I’ll start with a simple summary of the timing and stops made during the first phase of the delivery from Rockland to Hampton, Virginia:

October 28th – Rockland to Perry’s Creek Vinalhaven to ride out Sandy
October 29th – 30th – Perry’s Creek Vinalhaven
October 31st – November 1st – Perry’s Creek to Wood’s Hole MA (Cape Cod)
November 1st – Wood’s Hole to Point Judith RI
November 2nd – 3rd – Point Judith (left p.m. on 1st) to Stratford CT
November 4th – Stratford to Little Bay New York, New York
November 5th – 6th – NYC to Hampton VA
November 7th – 8th – Preparing to leave for Virgin Islands
November 9th – Leaving for Virgin Islands

Click the various log links to get the full data download on each leg!

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