As of October 18th 2012…

Re launch boat Oct 22 (it will float and everything will work perfectly…. yeah right)

Oct 26 Depart Camden

Oct 26 – Nov 2nd Camden to Hampton VA

Nov 4th leave Hampton for USVI with Salty Dawg Rally Last year boats left around the 12th of November. It all depends on weather windows to cross the Gulf Stream and have a safe ride south…. It will be a 10-14 day trip for Redwings.

Nov 16th – 22nd Arrive St. Thomas USVI

Nov 25th – Colleen and boys arrive St. Thomas (by plane!)

Nov 25th – Dec 15th Cruise US and BVI

Mid-December Culebra / Puerto Rico (¡Español!)

Late December – Culebra / Puerto Rico to Curacao Dutch Antilles

Early January 2013 – Curacao to Colombia

January – February – Cartagena Colombia

March – April – Central American East Coast (Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico)

May – Florida / Bahamas

June – Georgia to Chesapeake Bay USA

July – New York to Camden Maine USA

August – Back in our “own” house at 6 Hall Ave!