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let’s get to the point

Hullo this is Ian speaking or typing. I hope you guys are having fun reading my blog/log whatever the’re called I don’t care…. let’s get to the point I hope you guys think my blogs/logs are interesting. Well anyway, today we woke up just to do school work. It was so painful! Then we got ready to go sailing to The Baths. I had no idea it was so awesome there! When we anchored I thought it would be like any other same old anchorage but no this one was so cool. Anyway when we got there we decided to go snorkeling. It was a great spot there were all sorts of things from sea fans to barracuda. When my little brother Julian wanted to stop snorkeling we had to bring him ashore when we finished swimming to the beach and explored these awesome caves formed out boulders that led to Devil’s Bay then afterwards that was that and we went back to the boat to go to Nanny Cay. After a couple hours of sailing we arrived in Nanny Cay and I started to write this blog/log and now I rest my story.


I’m back with more fun then ever!

I’m back with more fun then ever! Step right up don’t be afraid (i.e. pls e-mail me answers

Q1: How did I get to the Caribbean? (It’sall being)

Q2: How much does it ? (no looking at aloud!)

Q3: How many did I see? (pls email back the answers. No cheating!)

Hi Ian here. I was wondering what you guys where doing back in class? Well anyways I should tell you about today obviously we woke up and had breakfast then we went to study on shore. After studying we went back to the boat and had tuna lunch. Then we went ashore to sail the Walker Bay (A Walker Bay is a small boat used for just having . . . . . fun.) After taking turns using our Walker Bay we played D&D ( Dungeons & Dragons. ) Soon we had to go back to Redwings for dinner. We had this weird spinach soup for dinner ! After dinner I started writing this and now at 6:20 pm I’m finishing it.


Full Moon Party!

Hi I’m back to tell you about the Full Moon Party!

Sorry about kind of skipping around but I had to go the party and when I came back it would be to late to type this up so now here it is. Last night we went to a Full Moon Party. At the party we saw all sorts of stuff they had these big metal balls with pictures melted into them and then they put trash, wood and gas inside them and they would light it on fire and it looked like a giant fireball with glowing pictures of people dancing in it! Also there where giant men made of metal everywhere. Soon these people called the Jumpiez came in on stilts, and started dancing and of course jumping around and some them were thirty feet in the air! It was crazy! Then we went home and that’s pretty much it.

life in the Caribbean

Today was pretty normal for a life in the Caribbean. We woke up and had some breakfast of Raisin Bran. After breakfast we started sailing towards Trellis Bay, which is a little cove on the island Tortola. When we got there we got off the boat to go snorkeling we went to Shallow Reef. At Shallow Reef there was not much from what I could see. We swam around seeing little fish but then there was this one really cool it turned out to be a Puffer fish! Moving on now we looked under a big metal thing under the dock and there was a big spiny lobster. We decided to go under the dock there was all sorts of cool stuff from little fish to small barracuda. Then we went to a different spot on the other side of the dock it had a lot more coral and we even found a conk but it had a crab inside it. When we got bored of snorkeling we started swimming back to the dingy. On our way back there was a huge barracuda that must’ve been two and a half feet long! We eventually got back to the dingy and went back to the boat. After snorkeling we went ashore and looked around, but saw nothing much but a few restaurants and an art store. We where climbing around on these hammocks with ropes leading into the trees and we found a tree house hidden by leaves and a mini-hammock also hidden by leaves. It was really cool. Then we came back and now I’m done with this 5 minute version of today. But I’ll tell you about the Full Moon Festival another time.


Now whip it! whip it good!!

Now whip it! whip it good!! We’re there! Its been awesome snorkeling out here at Jost van Dyke. But first I’ve got to tell you about everything else we did today. First we woke up and went sailing right away then we came to Jost van Dyke and dad went to check us in to the B.V.I (British Virgin islands). When we where just getting out from swimming we decided to jump in one more time but then we saw it; there waiting at the bottom of the ladder was a shark waiting for us to jump in so we tried to get the camera but when we came back it was gone then we put away the camera and when we got back up to the deck the shark was back! We ran back down to the cabin unfortunately we missed it again. After waiting awhile dad came back from the police station and we went ashore. While we where ashore we went to a bar called Foxy’s. Julian and I got tired of just sitting there and went swimming we found all sorts of junk and me and Juju just made a big stash of stuff next to mom and dad. After that it got lame and dad and I went for a walk around town. We got Ice cream and bought some snorkeling equipment then went snorkeling at the beach. We took the anchor for the dingy with us this time though. When we went snorkeling we saw all sort of things like there was a skate right under us! Also we got to swim in a school of tarpon! When got back to the dingy we saw we where swimming in a food web (the current was making things like plankton float in from the bay for the little fish to eat and the pelicans where dive bombing the little fish and the tarpon where eating the little fish also). Then Julian wanted to go back to the boat so we took mom and him back to the boat. But we kept swimming. We tried a different spot in the coral beds on another beach close by but it had nothing but parrot fish and Spanish mackerel. So we also decided to go back to the boat. when we got there we dried off and went to study at Ivan’s Stress Free Bar. Then we came back to Redwings and had dinner after dinner I started this report and now I’m finishing it.

Today we went to Christmas Cove….

Hey Ian here. Today we went to Christmas Cove…. but first, the morning. Dad woke up early before us and went out to breakfast without us but I was the second one up so I caught up. We ordered fruit smoothies then mom and Julian came but it was too late they had to get water. After we had breakfast we went to the supermarket called Pueblo. We got a lot of ginger beer! Then we got ready to go sailing and I read 2 books. Then we set of for Christmas Cove. When we got there we had a hard time finding a good place to anchor for the night. When we found a spot we immediately went snorkeling. After awhile we lost my life jacket and swam back to the dingy and picked it up. Then we went back to the boat. We had black bean soup for dinner after dinner I had a shower and started writing this entry and now I’m finishing it.

I’m finally leaving today.

I’m finally leaving today. It was a cold morning even 4 a.m. is early for flying down to St. Thomas. When we got to the airport the plane turned out to be only 2x bigger than my dad’s car! When I got into the plane I got to sit behind the pilot. I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful sunrise ever! The sun was covered up by a cloud and small rays of sun bursting through the cracks in the cloud! When we got to Boston we got on Jet Blue and on the way there we watched a couple of movies. Soon we saw an island in the middle of the ocean and my mom pointed out that it was our destination. We got off board and went inside we saw my dad and he brought us outside and the thermometer said it was 85 degrees fahrenheit! I got sweaty by just walking. Then we got a taxi that was bigger than our first plane we went on. After a while we came to the marina and got our luggage on Redwings then we just sat back and relaxed and now i’m writing this blog.