Literary Review: Fablehaven vs. Harry Potter

Fablehaven vs. Harry Potter
By Ian Henderson

I’ve just started a series called Fablehaven. The author of Fablehaven is Brandon Mull. Fablehaven is really good. The books in the Fablehaven series are, Fablehaven, The rise of the Evening Star, Grip of the Shadow Plague, which I’m reading right now, The secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and The keys to the Demon Prison. The books are fantasy novels for young readers, the same genre as the more popular Harry Potter series. In my opinion, the Fablehaven series is even better than the Harry Potter series, which I also enjoyed. I think the style of writing in Fablehaven is better than the style of writing in Harry Potter. Also I think that the creativity is more impressive than is that of the Harry Potter books. Last but not least I think that the plot line of Fablehaven is more dramatic and interesting for young readers than that of the Harry Potter series. If you liked the Harry Potter books, you should definitely read the Fablehaven series!

The reason I think the style of writing in Fablehaven is better than the style of writing in Harry Potter is because Harry Potter its more of a narrated perspective of Harry. Meanwhile in Fablehaven the book has a two-point perspective, which I find to be a more interesting style compared to the Harry Potter books. What I mean by that is that in Fablehaven the author shows what happens from two people’s perspectives, which in Fablehaven’s case would be Kendra and Seth. But in the Harry Potter series the author is usually only narrating what Harry sees, does, says and feels. Because of this I like Fablehaven more. I feel it makes the book easier to understand because if the main characters are split up you know what is happening in both places.

I think that the creativity is better in Fablehaven than in Harry Potter. The reason I think this is because in Fablehaven the creatures seem more made up and it seems like they are jumping out of the pages. Also, part of what I like about the creativity is that it’s not in the past or the future, it’s the present day in a span from 2008 to 2012. Also Kendra and Seth are just normal kids they are not like Harry Potter who has special powers. They are just talented, and a little stupid, which makes the bad situations seem more perilous than the problems in Harry Potter. I think the creatures are more creative because they are not just werewolves and hippogrifs they are creatures like shadow plagued fairies and revanents.

I find that plot is more interesting and intriguing because a lot of the main characters’ good friends or people who saved their lives turn out to be members of the wizards guild that the main characters are fighting against. Also at every turn you don’t know what’s going to happen next, like when they encounter a hoard of dark shadowy nipsies and they think they are just in their fallen state, but really the Sphinx plagued them made them spread it, which they did by attacking some of the main characters’ allies, and even some fairies, and that is crazy because fairies are creatures of light. For these and other reasons I think that the plot is better than the plot of Harry Potter.

In conclusion, although I’m a fan of Harry Potter I have to say I like Fablehaven more and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series and I hope you read them to!

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