January, 13, 2012

Yesterday we sailed to the island of Culbrita. Our new cruising friend Toby who is 11 also sailed over with his parents. We met Toby back in Culebra. Toby has been sailing on his boat Windswept for about six years now. Well anyways we woke up to the sound of goats bahhhhing. We got up and called Windswept on the VHF radio to see if they wanted to go ashore to the beach. Of course they said yes, so we got in the dingy and went ashore. When we got there it was high tide so we couldn’t really do anything on shore so we went spear fishing. It was really hard but there’s this fish called the box fish and it’s like a puffer fish with a flat bottom. I got real close to it and……. BAM! I hit it. The spear would’ve gone straight through its stomach but it had armored plating or something. When we where done spear fishing we went for a hike.

The wind blew against the back of my head. We had climbed to the top of the island and we went into this abandoned red brick lighthouse. It was kind of creepy, but not too interesting. Then we walked down the other side of the island and went to a big beach that was really rough so we left to go back to Culebra because on Culebrita there’s supposed to be a big northern swell tonight so the anchorage would be rolly.


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