Curse of Curtis – Chapters thee and four

Chapter 3 The Woods

“Well somebody’s grumpy this morning.” I teased as Jack sat up with seaweed in his hair. “Shut up Ian, it’ll only be a matter of time before I find something to bust your chops about!” he growled. “So how’d ya’ sleep? I couldn’t sleep one bit.” I told him. “Well I slept like a strand of seaweed.” He snickered. Jesse and Parker had been looking for supplies but apparently hadn’t found anything when they came back with empty hands. “Well look who’s up.” Parker said. “Lets go into the woods today!” Jesse said excitedly. “Whoever votes we go into the woods say aye!” Parker said. Of course I was the only one to say no. About 15 minutes later we where off the beach and in the woods. This place didn’t seem normal. It just had a strange aura of negative power…… it almost felt cursed. We walked for about 30 minutes discussing things that had happened on our adventure and things that might happen next. Then we arrived at the dead man.

There right in front of us there was a skeleton in ragged clothes. His bleached bones were as white as milk. He was hanging two feet of the ground with his neck in a tight noose. “Let’s check for supplies!” Parker said. “Maybe even some money!” Jack shouted with joy. Jesse stood back. “Guys this doesn’t feel right. Don’t steal from him, he could be cursed.” Jesse said worriedly. “Pffft!!! Yeah right you’re just trying to scare us!” Jack said reaching out to touch the skeleton. As soon as Jack touched it, we heard a twig snap somewhere in the brush……….

Chapter 4 Attacked

………………… “Uh guys what was that!?” Parker said. “Nice going Jack.” I said. “Ow!” Jack suddenly yelped. I looked down and saw a short man with a small sword. I cringed. That short guy really creeped me out. “The knife.” I said impatiently holding my hand out ready to take it from Parker. He handed me the knife we found in the treasure chest and I lunged at the short man slicing him in half. When I killed him I expected him to fall over dead, but instead he melted like a candle would. “Guys I think he’s made out of wax.” I said. Then we heard what sounded like the war cry of an Indian. All of a sudden about fifty short people burst out of the bushes with their weapons at the ready. I picked up the sword of the short man, which was the size of a large dagger, and gave it to Jesse. We all jumped into battle stomping and jabbing, slowly winning. Soon we were killing, and just as fast as they where melting. We all had weapons and there were only about two dozen wax men left. “Ian! Behind you!” Jack yelled. I spun around and saw a bunny made of wax with claws at least a foot long bounding straight towards me. I had one second to think about this. I mean really! A spiked war bunny? It was twenty feet away, now ten. As it got about one foot away I jumped over it and landed behind it. It spun around and I had to back up to avoid a blow from one of it’s claws. Jack approached it from behind. When he got close it turned around and swiped his dagger out of his hands. While it was occupied with Jack, I stabbed it from behind and it slowly melted away. “That was way to close for comfort.” Parker said. “Let’s go back to the beach.”

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  1. Diann Henderson

    Wow.. short wax men! ? Very creative…. mayabe if more come, youd could draw them to the beach where the heat of the sun on the sand will melt thier feet to the sand!

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