First Day of School in Culebra

January, 11, 2013

Today was my first day of school. It wasn’t as good as CRMS, but it was better than home schooling. Now that I’m back in school I feel much better because I have friends (plus my dad isn’t the teacher.) Well anyway its much better than home schooling. Yesterday we went to school and it was awesomely crazy. When we got there we had homeroom for 15 minutes then we had our half hour snack. After that we went to science and studied energía which is Spanish for energy. Then we had social studies which had nothing to do with history. Then we had lunch and the drinks came in small floppy sacks. Then we had an hour long recess and then school was over at 1:30 because the teachers had a reunion, which my dad says means a meeting. Pretty weird school huh? The classes are all in Spanish. Only about three kids in the school could speak English fluently. So I had to switch from English to Spanish because some people couldn’t understand me. Luckily I made some friends so I wasn’t sad and lonely.


One thought on “First Day of School in Culebra

  1. Jaime

    Well, Ian, you see it wasn´t so bad as you feared. Keep writing, I am interested in what you say about the school, and it seems your Spanish is good! I send you “un abrazo” , Jaime

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