Me no leave!

December 31, 2012

New Years eve and my birthday! Overall I think Honeymoon Bay has been my favorite place so far. It has plenty of kids and things to do. Yesterday there was a big New Years party and it was my birthday. We had a big party with cake. It’s really been better now that I have friends to play with down here in the West Indies. I’ve been having so much fun I don’t want go to Culebra for school. There’s just so much more stuff to do here. Another reason why I don’t want to leave is because I personally think I’m doing just fine in home schooling. But Dad says I have to learn Spanish more fluently. But hey, at least I’m not cold back in Maine.


2 thoughts on “Me no leave!

  1. Jaime

    Well, Ian, I hope you will also find some fun at the school in Culebra. I like your blog very much, I think it might be better than Faberhaven! By the way, did you know that “culebra” means “snake”? Why is that, perhaps the island has the shape of a snake? Or perhaps you and Parker will be devoured by a giant snake (the snake is the school!)

  2. christine

    Nice cake on the beach. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. R.C. and Collin say Hey! and as we plan and plot our school breaks we thought we might “float” the idea of coming to visit somewhere near where ever you guys may find your selves in and around the dates of: 2/15-2/23, 3/29-4/6, or any window in the summer. We know it’s tough to plan and plot but if you guys were game we would so enjoy an adventure and a visit with the crew of redwings. We are able to tie in a cultural stay for the sake of historical/artistic reasons and see you guys too even better.

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