March 2-3

5 hours…… 5 hours can you believe it 5 hours. I know its insanely crazy! We woke up at 6 a.m. and left for Puerto Rico. Let me just tell you that this blog is a lot more boring then it sounds. Of course passage was so boring it was scary. But we did a- lot of home schooling and fishing we caught four barracuda and a little tunny, which is a type of fish also called a bonito.

Then we got to the marina that we were headed for. We unloaded and found kids my friends were Seth & Calvin. we played all sorts of stuff but eventually we got to use a motorized scooter. What you do is push a button on the bottom of the scooter that you push to start it. Then like a normal scooter you push with your legs about three times, then you put the motor on and it will go by motor for a few minutes.

Today we saw our friends real quick in the morning but we had to leave by ten o’clock. As usual, passage was very boring and we did home schooling and I took a nap. When we got to our destination (Caja de Muerto which means box of the dead) I started writing this.


One thought on “Bwag

  1. Vicki Ballard

    Hi Ian!
    Can you tell me why they call Caja de Muerto “Box of the Dead”? Is there a big cemetary in that area?

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