Gone…. gone forever….

March 1, 2013

Remember me!?! Well after spending all this time in Culebra we are finally leaving! Amazing isn’t it? I feel happy about leaving, but also I’m sort’ve sad. I mean I think I’m gonna miss this place. Ya’ know? With my friends and stuff……….. Oh! and the insane craziness. I remember when we first came here and I only knew like two people in the whole school. I remember how I slowly gained respect and became known throughout the school. And I remember when Jonatan, Edjan and I, had an iPod + a portable speaker. We started dancing through the hallways then some more kids joined. More, and more kept joining in, until about half the school was parading through the hallways, which are open air. Yep those were the good old days. Even today was pretty awesome it was just a normal school day except we only had two classes and at the end of the day we had a big going away party it was pretty bossome. But I’ve got friends waiting for me in Maine. Main island of Puerto Rico here I come!


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