My reply to the following writing prompt related to the information in the website above about Christopher Colombus’”discovery” of Hispaniola (the island where we are now):

“Describe how you would feel if you were a member of Columbus’s crew preparing to return home. How would you feel if you were one of the crew members left behind?”

If I was one of Chirstopher Columbus’ crew preparing to go back to Spain I would feel afraid, because I would think of all the storms and dangers of the great blue. I’d also be happy knowing that I might escape horrible things of the New World and would just hope that the other men staying behind in La Navidad would survive.

I would try to be on my best behavior so I could get on the captain’s good side. I would also probably try to relax as much as I could before we left the place.

If I was a crew member of Columbus’ fleet being left behind then I would be feeling great thinking that I would not have to retake the perilous trip back to Spain. Unfortunately, I would have worse luck than them because the natives (the TaĆ­no) would kill us. But I was an explorer! I would find gold and give it to Chris to bring back to Spain and I would be known throughout all of Spain.


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