Back in the USA!

Date: 6th of June

I can’t believe I’m finally back in the U.S.A. I mean…… after six months in the Caribbean I’m actually back in my home country where everybody speaks English! It just feels so different to be able to speak English. Because otherwise you can’t decide what to say and you think… Well I want to speak to that guy over there but I don’t know what to say should I say hola, bonjour, or what’s up MON.

Did I tell you that we went on a three day passage without seeing land day or night! Yeah and that’s how we got back to the U.S. Of course when we got back to the U.S we went to Charleston where all the historical educational stuff was and yeah we did almost everything.
Fort Sumter wasn’t interesting. Seriously, forty bucks for just another fort with bunch of cannons (one of the cannons was called a poop!)

Soon after we left Charleston we were going up the I.C.W. That means Inter Coastal Waterway. In my opinion they should add an H onto the end. That way it would be I.C.W.H: Impossibly Covered With Horseflies.

Well that brings me to today we are still in the I.C.W(H) in Southport. luckily there’s no horse flies. There’s also not much to do here. Right now we are leaving so I guess thats a good thing. Next time I’m writing I hope I’m in New England.


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