Redwings Round the World

The Kittens Big Adventure at the Currie's

25 - 27 May 2001

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Manny meets the Former First Cat "Socks".  Manuel did the tough guy thing and went up aggressively to Socks while Polly hid under a table.  The kittens had a fun time playing with Sock's toys, eating his food, scratching in his "real sand" litter box... till Socks came home with Betty from Washington and said "who's been playing with my toys" while glaring at the kids.  He put up with them though, being fellow Democats!
Meet "Blaze".  The excitement never stops at the Currie homestead.  Bob introduced neighborhood dog and part-time Currie adoptee Blaze to the kittens.  
Photo Shoot.  A team from cable station "Animal Planet" came by to shoot a story on Socks.  In one of the segments, Betty took Socks down to visit the kittens.
Betty, Socks, Rob, RC (in Rob's arms) and Animal Planet member.

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