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The Originals: Basil and Sybil

We started our trip with our two Hong Kong house cats Basil and Sybil.  They were great and we really bonded with them during the trip.  They were very much a part of the overall original manic / depressive Redwings experience during our first year of cruising.  Click here to see their original page.
Baz the Spaz and Syb on Dodger Patrol, South China Sea, November 1997

Sadly, Sybil was lost in Italy and Basil in Barcelona.  We initially missed them so much we could not imagine "replacing" them or putting ourselves at such a risk of such heartbreak again, so it took us 2 1/2 years to decide to take the plunge again.

The New Kittens Manuel & Polly

Since returning to the Caribbean in January with the knowledge that we would not be returning to Thailand to work, we started keeping our eyes peeled for a kitty rescue situation.  One finally presented itself in Puerto Rico - click the link to see first day photos and hear about how we got them.

The New Navigators: Maunuel & Polly

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