Redwings Round the World

The Crew


Name   Aaron Henderson
Age   31
Hometown   Camden, Maine, USA
University   University of Maine
Previous Life   Investment Analyst
Previous Employer   Bankers Trust Company
Sailing Experience   20 yrs crewing on cruiser / racers, 2,500 mi offshore
Key Asset   Legs
Greatest Fear   No Coffee


Name   Colleen Duggan
Age   29
Hometown   Milton, MA, USA
University   Boston College
Previous Life   Stockbroker
Previous Employer   WI Carr / Indosuez
Sailing Experience   6 years crewing / dingy sailing, 1,500 mi offshore
Key Asset   Penny Pinching
Greatest Fear   Tanker from Hell

Guest Crew: Crew members who joined us at some point in the journey

Mom Henderson

Name   Mom (a.k.a. Diann Henderson)
Age   53
Hometown   Camden, ME, USA
University   University of Maine
Previous Life   5th Grade Teacher in Seattle
Sailing Experience   Kayaking in Puget Soung
Key Asset   Now accomplished heavy weather sailor
Greatest Fear   Meltimi Moves to Seattle


Name   Kerry Dinneen
Age   29
Hometown   Scottsdale, AZ, USA
University   Boston College
Previous Life   College Administrator
Previous Employer   Amherst College
Sailing Experience   Learning Fast
Key Asset   Unrealized Gourmet Skills
Greatest Fear   We Never Leave HK
Legs Joined   Hong Kong to Turkey



Name   Laura Longsworth
Age   29
Hometown   Amherst Mass, USA
University   Colby College (Maine!)
Previous Life   Big Time Journalist
Previous Employer   Daily Hampshire Gazette
Sailing Experience   Well, she's a pilot
Key Asset   Positive attitude
Greatest Fear   Ice in developing countries
Leg Joined   Raja Muda to Isreal


Name   Penny Carter
Age   56
Hometown   London/Hong Kong
Previous Life   Cruiser Owner Association
Sailing Experience   Tons in dingies, flying 15s, and cruisers. Also an International Juror
Key Asset   Everyone on the Asian Racing Circuit owes her a favor
Greatest Fear   Becoming Americanized
Leg Joined   Kings Cup & Raja Muda


Name   Tom Whitcraft
Age   35 ish
Hometown   Bangkok, Thailand
University   CW Post
Real Life   Selling Tonka Trucks in Indochina
Employer   Family Biz
Sailing Experience   One time famous Asian dingy sailor, three King's Cups with Aaron and gang
Key Asset   Pipes (arms that is)
Greatest Fear   Running out of "Malbolo"
Leg Joined   King's Cup

Teh - International Man of Mystery

Name   Mr. Teh
Age   40-50 ???
Hometown   Somewhere in Asia
University   ??????
Previous Life   ?????
Previous Employer   ?????
Sailing Experience   Seems to have crewed on many boats - everyone recognizes him
Key Asset   Boosts party image of Team Redwings
Greatest Fear   His cover is blown
Leg Joined   King's Cup

Aaron "Fritz" Frankel

Name   Aaron Frankel
Age   29 (another year of the Monkey)
Hometown   Bangkok, Thailand
University   UC Irvine
Real Life   Advertising Entrepreneur
Employer   Self - Lite Heart
Sailing Experience   Dingies and Cats at RVYC
Key Asset   Willingness to throw himself overboard
Greatest Fear   Silence
Leg Joined   King's Cup


Name   Joanna Dover
Age   26 going on 35
Hometown   Small village in England
University   School of Life
Real Life   Marketing Woman
Previous Employer   WI Carr / Indosuez
Sailing Experience   Dingies / Cruisers
Key Asset   Extensive foredeck experience
Greatest Fear (hope?)   Returning to no job
Leg Joined   Raja Muda



Name   Paul Duggan
Age   29
Hometown   Hong Kong
University   Cambridge
Previous Life   Special Effects Designer
Previous Employer   John Wu
Sailing Experience   More than the rest of us
Key Asset   Tying things down
Greatest Fear   Being driven insane
Leg Joined   Hong Kong to Port Klang



Name   Priyani Ratna Gopal
Age   Could it be 40 already ?
Hometown   Colombo, Sri Lanka
University   Somewhere in England ?
Previous Life   Stock broker
Previous Employer   None other than the great WI Carr
Sailing Experience   passenger of Junk trips in Hong Kong
Key Asset   Being her wonderful self
Greatest Fear   We can't tell you...too secret...
Leg Joined   The Maldives


Name   Christine Dooley
Age   33ish
Hometown   Canton, Mass
University   Harvard
Previous Life   TV producer
Previous Employer   CNBC
Sailing Experience   Junk trips in Hong Kong with Priyani
Key Asset   Bringing news of the outside world's existence
Greatest Fear   Not being able to find a way back to Male to catch her flight home
Leg Joined   The Maldives


Name   Mary Duggan
Age   36
Hometown   Boston Mass
University   Northeastern/Simmons
Previous Life   ER nurse/nurse practicioner
Previous Employer   Boston Medical/Emerson College Health
Sailing Experience   somewhat limited.....
Key Asset   nerves of steel
Greatest Fear   not getting enough sun exposure
Leg Joined   Israel-Cyprus-Turkey


Name   Ann Hernon
Age   42 (?)
Hometown   Dorchesta' Mass
University   Bay State
Previous Life   ER nurse
Previous Employer   Boston Medical
Sailing Experience   Genuine shipwreck survivor
Key Asset   A "totally flexible" woman
Greatest Fear   Getting sun exposure
Leg Joined   Cyprus-Turkey

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