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Well we have found we just don’t get around to extensively blogging this time – a lot less personal down time with the kids on the boat! We have been and will continue to post pics and quick updates on Facebook so that is the best way to follow our trip.

You can view this page without being “on” Facebook.

Having said that, Ian continues to update his Blog and I’ve started the Spanish-Language ¿Dónde está Señor Henderson? blog as well which is primarily for Spanish students at the the school where I teach, but anyone might find it of interest!

The link for these blogs are to the right.

We are currently in Culebra (island off coast of Puerto Rico) and plan to stay here for two months as the kids will enroll in the local (Spanish speaking!) school. I’ll be doing graduate work and volunteer work and practicing Spanish. Colleen will finally have a solid platform (the earth!) to do yoga on.

We then plan to quickly “cruise” Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and then spend at least a month in Cuba before heading to the Bahamas and back up the Eastern Seaboard.

One thought on “Follow us on Facebook!

  1. Randy Whitney

    Hey, Aaron!
    I finally found your link buried in my email. I’ve been thinking of you guys and hope your trip is spectacular. I don’t Facebook, so I’ll stick to the web page. (did I say that right?)
    Be safe. Best to Colleen and the kids.

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